The 2nd. European Pro-Life FORUM

organized by the 1st federation of national pro-life movements


26 & 27 May 2017


Castle Garden Bazaar. Budapest

About the Event / 2017 One of Us Budapest Forum

The main GOAL OF THE FORUM is to highlight, support and show the value and the importance of Family and protection of Life. These values are part of the centre of the cultural debate of our time.

What are the risks and realities in Europe? What are the solutions and alternatives?

The ONE OF US Federation for life and human dignity was launched in September 2014, following the great success of the ONE OF US European Citizens’ Initiative that gathered about 2 million signatures.

1st One Of Us European Forum, Paris, 2016

The Federation is organizing the second ONE OF US European Forum on the 26th and 27th of May 2017 in Budapest.

The Forum and the One of Us Award organized by the federation will give to the large public, the media and EU decision makers an echo of the two million citizens voices supporting the One of US Initiative.

This unique and first of its kind event will most notably be marked by:

  • A large public and media oriented event, bringing together 1500 participants and reaching thousands of citizens across Europe.
  • A celebration of humble heroes of life through the first ONE OF US Award given by a jury composed of personalities from national movements.
  • A public appeal from European experts addressed to European leaders to protect life and support the ONE OF US Initiative.
Castle Garden Bazaar, Budapest

The general goal will be achieved through the following objectives

  1. Attract public attention: Forum should serve in order to describe the expansion and acceleration of a new “world order”, founded on a new concept of the Personhood, Family, Life
  2. New wave of European opinion and Media impact: Forum should encourage the idea that Europe needs to be based on values, Juadeo-Christian values.
  3. Recognition of the countries with policies that defend and protect life and family of their societies: the event wants to recognize and give thanks for the task carried out by governments like Hungary, Poland and others, which are defending Family and Life.
  4. Recognize Life and Family leaders & personalities through the Award, high-level keynote speeches, and top-level panel discussions.
  5. Strengthen and expand the Federation, its membership and support

Donation / SUPPORT US

Support the launch of the first one of us forum and european award with your generous contribution to the federation’s bank account:

ONE OF US Federation

Chaussée de Wavre 205, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

IBAN: BE81 6420 0356 2224


Bank: BBVA Brussels, Avenue des Arts 43,

1040 Brussels, Belgium

Agenda / Conference Schedule

Opening Ceremony and Welcome Speech

  • Jaime Mayor Oreja, President One of Us Federation, former Ministry of Interior in Spain
  • Konrad Szymanski, Secretary of State EU servicies, Poland.
  • Bence Rétvári, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Human Capacities
  • María San Gil, Politician board member of Foundation Valores y Sociedad, Spain
  • Rocco Buttiglione, Former MEP Italy
  • Fr Kálmán Nyéky, Professor of Bioethics at Pázmány Péter University

Second round Table: “The expansion of a new european scenario. One of Us role”

  • Moderator: Edit Frivaldszky, Director of the Human Dignity Center, Hungary
  • Lourdes Mendez Monasterio. Spain. President of Family and Dignity Association
  • Tomás Anunciação. Portugal. board member of Federation Pela Vida
  • Kees van der Staaij, MP SGP. Netherlands. MP
  • Sylvie Mischel. Luxembourg. Politician. ADR Fraen
  • Marina Casini, Prof. Bioethics, Catholic University Rome. Italy
  • Antoine Pasquier. Head of the News department. Famille Chrétienne, is specialized in societal and bioethical issues.

Closing session. Our Philosophy and future.

Opening of the Ceremony

Moderador: Thierry de la Villejégu. Vice-President of the One of Us Federation, Executive Director of the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation, France.

Award Ceremony

  • Moderador: Thierry de la Villejégu. Vice-President of the One of Us Federation, Executive Director of the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation, France.
  • John Bruchalski

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Novotel Budapest City
Mercure Budapest City Center
Mercure Budapest Korona
Tanne Hotel

Event Location

Ybl Miklós tér, 1013
Budapest, Hungary

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